Are you interested in knowing more about the symbioses in Aalborg? Would you like to hear more about the opportunities for participating? Or do you also work with industrial symbiosis? Contact us!

Lucia Mortensen

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Belinda Nors

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National and international collaboration

Nationally and internationally, we work closely with the Kalundborg Symbiosis, LOOP Ports (the international association for the circular economy of ports), CirClean, Nordic Circular Hubs, Copenhagen-Malmö Ports, Linköping University, etc. Our work in North Jutland also affords special input to the EU committee, which is currently drafting ISO standards for industrial symbiosis.


The existing work is based on research. Several scientific reports and academic articles have conveyed the message of the successful cases locally, nationally and internationally, and Industrial Symbiosis North has provided data for scientific work, both for a PhD thesis and scientific articles on how industrial symbiosis is achieved and what can be done to support its development. One PhD student is currently engaged in the project, and engages with both AAU Business School and the Danish Centre for Environmental Assessment in the course of his work. Ultimately, incorporating knowledge and methods from a number of research environments within environmental assessment, business, etc.

Aalborg University has documented the sustainability of the symbioses that were developed through Sustainable Synergies, publishing the experiences and results of the project, also in printed brochure format.

Numerous research environments at Aalborg University are researching industrial symbiosis and related fields. There is ongoing close contact and coordination with these research entities and naturally, the research behind the symbioses is accessible. If you are interested, you will find more information here. And please contact Industrial Symbiosis North for further information.

Thanks to all those who make it possible

Symbioses in North Jutland are well underway thanks to the willing efforts of the companies and numerous other actors. Thanks to all of you. The Network for Sustainable Business Development North Jutland is the driving force behind many of the established collaborations. Their efforts are by no means comprehensively mapped out here. Aalborg Utilities, Reno-Nord and Port of Aalborg, each of which contributes an invaluable service in the infrastructure that we take for granted, namely facilitating the distribution of water, heat, raw materials and products, and ensuring that waste is ultimately disposed of responsibly, deserve all the credit for their role in creating the symbioses. Without their collaboration in the various projects, the distribution of resources would look very different. In short, nobody can do it alone.