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Environmental effects, results and collaborations are impossible without the efforts of the North Jutland companies. The foresight and insightfulness to utilise the resources from a financial, materials and experience perspective have been established through generations. This development is accelerating and it is now time to act in order to futureproof the companies of North Jutland. Join us at Industrial Symbiosis North! Also write to us if your existing symbiosis should be included on the map. There are many good reasons to join.

Success through industrial symbiosis

Futureproof your company

Both EU legislation and Danish regulations are moving towards tighter restrictions in the future, which will introduce incentives for more sustainable business development and consequences for inaction. Kickstarting the business culture within sustainability by participating in symbioses can give your company the advantage of being a first mover in the field.

Environmental initiatives secure orders

Documented environmental efforts and control of environmental management is already benefiting most industries, which is becoming increasingly widespread. Companies in ErhvervsNetværk 9220 and similar organisations are already winning orders by being at the forefront of sustainability.

Get assistance with your process

Sustainable transition must be integrated into daily operations. It is essential. Yet all change is difficult. According to research and experience, sparring, support for implementation or for building new relationships and competencies is vital. Contact Industrial Symbiosis North via the Centre for Logistics and Cooperation, if you would like a non-binding consultation about your particular situation and priorities.

It pays to be sustainable

Save on purchasing costs by receiving a local waste product or save on disposal costs by turning your waste into a resource. Become a more socially responsible company within your sector. Everyone reaps the benefits of greater collaboration. Engaging in closer value chain collaborations demands adaptation, but it is also rewarding.


If you are curious about symbioses or sustainable business development, contact Industrial Symbiosis North. You will be afforded an opportunity to engage with the relevant researchers at the university and experienced practitioners at the Centre for Logistics and Cooperation as well as the Network for Sustainable Business Development, who will happily assist you by turning experience and positive results into practical application in your company.

We exist to build bridges and convert research into practice. There are opportunities to collaborate with students from the spheres of business, science, production, etc. One PhD student is currently applying new value to symbiosis activities and research-based methods from various relevant fields are being utilised throughout.
We are always available for a non-binding informal chat over a cup of coffee!
You can also avail of opportunities for collaboration with companies beyond the region and access to international partners in the field.

The latest expertise to go

Would you like to learn more about industrial symbioses? We are happy to visit you and talk about it. From research in industrial symbiosis to specific examples of the benefits that companies have already achieved – there is an opportunity for an engaging lecture or workshop to provide inspiration in your organisation or company.

Experience of the companies’ specific work within sustainability is the way forward. Our mission is to disseminate knowledge, so that everyone can learn from the successful examples as well as the less successful ones! Let us learn from each other, so that companies can build upon one another’s experiences.


Enterprises can avail of competent, experienced assistance for a specific matchmaking process. You can avail of extensive experience gained over several years of working in the region to bring companies together in rewarding, local collaborations.

It is possible to have a tailor-made process, which provides a thorough screening and subsequent process to help your company achieve an integrated industrial symbiosis in its daily operations. Contact Industrial Symbiosis North to find out more about getting in touch with the right partners.

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